You are still using those old battered tweezers which have been handed down over the years or have you purchased a brand new cheap set from the neighborhood store. You may not have realized yet that things are changing the world of tweezing. There are now hundreds of different kinds of tweezers for organic hair removal which claim various benefits over others. Some are much better balanced or claim to be ergonomically designed; others maintain better grip ability to remove those stubborn hairs. No matter your budget or taste, there is guaranteed to be a set that is appropriate for you. Benefit Cosmetics has joined hands with Tweezerman, a top manufacturer of hair removal products, and has established an array of exceptionally attractive and performance-oriented products which are slated to rock the market. They are attractive, not just for their appearances, but they are also all set to outdo all predecessors with their excellent functionality.

stainless steel tweezersA perfectly shaped Eyebrow is something which lots of girls, and more men, are looking for. Appearing nicely dressed and highlighting the eyes, is an excellent method of improving one’s beauty. Why stick with a blunt jagged set of rusty tweezers when there are some terrific ones to pick from? Here’s a brief description of some tweezers that are available in the marketplace from Benefit Cosmetics: The Slant Tweezer has been in existence for some time and you may expect to pay about US 25 for them. The cherry flavored look in white and pink over stainless steel makes them more appealing; maybe one for the women. Or how about trying The Pointed stainless steel tweezers for approximately US 30? These treat the smaller hairs that are often tough to remove. The well-tweezed hairs require occasional brushing and improving so there is also an eyebrow shaping kit. They have produced a retractable brush that can help you maintain your eyebrows neatly shaped – all for 30.

There are a few hints that can allow you to improve the performance of your tweezers to let you find those perfect eyebrows:

  • Make certain that the tweezer ends are not bent as this will decrease their grip performance and might be more likely to cause nicks. Dropping tweezers can soon cause the heads to become misaligned.

  • Disinfection of the tweezers is required to help avoid any type of infection. The area around the eye brow is delicate and care has to be taken while tweezing.

  • Hold the skin taught around the region when tweezing to make the process painless and prevent cuts.

  • Tweezing at the direction of the hair growth makes it effortless to tweeze in the perfect manner.

  • Avoid moisturizing before tweezing as this makes skin and hair more sloppy and therefore harder to grasp.

  • In the event of swelling you can use ice cubes to soothe the region. Chilled increased water is a natural toner and is useful as an after cream.